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Fridge cleaning services in London

The fridge is one of the most overlooked areas of household sanitation. Kitchen floors and surfaces are often kept immaculately clean, but the fridge could be neglected for months or even years. A kitchen is not clean unless the fridge is clean, so it is important to include fridge cleaning in your domestic cleaning routine.
Professional cleaners on the TidyChoice platform provide a tailored service across the whole of London. They can incorporate fridge cleaning into their cleaning service as required. You can include fridge cleaning in regular or one-off bookings any day of the week, including weekends.

Why hire a fridge cleaning professional?

If your fridge is not thoroughly cleaned regularly, say every three months, it can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. These bacteria can survive and multiply even at low temperatures. Not only will your fridge start to smell, but your food can become contaminated and unsafe to eat.
You would never prepare your food on a dirty chopping board, so why keep it in a dirty fridge? The first step to good food hygiene is ensuring that your ingredients are stored in a clean, fresh environment.

Why hire fridge cleaning services through TidyChoice?

We provide fully vetted, professional cleaners who are experts at what they do. When you book a fridge cleaning service as part of your regular clean, you can expect immaculate results that will keep your food fresh and your white goods sparkling.
With a clean fridge, you won’t need to worry about:
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Lingering stains or spills
  • Dangerous bacteria or mould
By booking a fridge clean with your regular TidyChoice cleaner, you can be sure that your food’s hygiene is in safe hands.

How your fridge is cleaned

Experienced, professional cleaners take care to ensure that the area around the fridge is protected from any spills or mess. Any removable shelves and drawers are taken out of the fridge before being washed and dried separately. Once the interior of the fridge is spotless, your cleaner will reassemble the appliance and switch it back on, ready for use.

How to add fridge cleaning to your regular booking

We have made it quick and simple to add fridge cleaning to your regular cleaning service. When booking your cleaner, remember to select the Fridge icon and allow for an extra 30 minutes cleaning time per fridge. We recommend discussing your needs with your cleaner in advance to establish how regularly you want your fridge cleaned and on which specific dates.

Preparation for fridge freezer cleaning

To help your cleaner save time cleaning your fridge freezer, follow these simple steps the night before your cleaner is due to arrive:
  • Remove any food or drink from the appliance to allow for easy access
  • Switch off the appliance and unplug it from the wall to allow it to defrost overnight. Remember to place some towels on the floor to catch any water that might leak out
  • Ensure that your cleaner has access to a sink with both hot and cold water
Your fridge freezer will be ready to use again as soon as we have finished the clean. Remember to discuss any additional requirements with your cleaner in advance if needed.

Cost of fridge cleaning

You pay your cleaner for the number of hours they work at their standard hourly rate. Depending on the size and condition of the appliance, fridge cleaning could take an additional 30 minutes. You can incorporate the time for fridge cleaning into your regular domestic cleaning schedule or you could ask the cleaner to work additional time to complete the task as and when required.

Fridge cleaning equipment

You need to provide your housekeeping professional with basic cleaning supplies. Alternatively, you may pay an additional hourly charge if you would prefer for the cleaner to bring their own supplies.
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