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Window Cleaning in London

Windows are an essential part of the home that welcome natural light into your life. Sadly, they are also very susceptible to dust, grime and greasy marks. Pets, children, and even cooking can all leave their mark, obstructing your view of the outside world.
With a regular internal window cleaning service, you can experience the joy of spotless windows that brighten up every room of your house. TidyChoice can introduce you to experienced, trustworthy cleaners throughout London and Greater London. We take great care to vet cleaners, providing you peace of mind that your windows are in safe hands.

Why clean the inside of your windows?

You may already have someone cleaning the outside of your windows, but if you aren’t taking care of the inside too, your windows will never be truly clean. We all want a nice clean floor and spotless surfaces, so why neglect the inside of your windows?
Cleaning the inside of your windows can remove:
  • Smudges
  • Fingerprints
  • Greasy build-ups from cooking
  • Nicotine stains
  • Pawprints

Why hire an internal window cleaner from TidyChoice?

We have the best cleaners in London. The professionals on TidyChoice are all thoroughly vetted and constantly monitored to ensure that you hire the best. Experienced cleaners know how to provide a streak-free, beautiful finish for your windows’ interiors.
Whether you need your windows cleaned once a week or just every now and then, your cleaner will be happy to provide a service that matches your specific needs.

How to book an internal window clean

Adding your windows to your cleaning booking could not be more simple! When placing your booking, simply click on the Windows icon to let your cleaner know that you want them to give the inside of your windows some attention.
When placing a booking,consider including a regular laundry service or ironing service to free up even more of your personal time.
Please note that we do not offer external window cleaning. Internal window cleaning may only be booked as part of a regular house clean. If your windows are difficult to reach, our cleaners may need you to provide specialist equipment in order to reach them safely.

Window cleaning costs

The professional cleaners on TidyChoice set their own hourly rates, which are paid in arrears once a scheduled clean is completed. If you need the cleaners to bring cleaning supplies with them, an additional hourly rate will be charged.

Window cleaning equipment

Your cleaner will know what sort of products they will need to deliver the highest quality of service. We recommend speaking with your cleaner in advance to discuss any specific needs or if you are unsure which products to provide for them. Please do not ask our cleaners to clean your external windows as this work is best handled by specialists.
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For one year I was a room attendant in a hotel, after that I worked for a cleaning agency.
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I am honest, responsible and have been working in the cleaning field for over 5 years.
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